hellooooooo! :D
When I look at their kind smiles and thought that I was supposed to be there smiling too... I couldn't stop crying. It hurt so much that I wanted to forget.
hi i'm reyna and i spend an unhealthy amount of time crying over otps i never meant to ship. ఠ_ఠ *HIATUS*
started 2013/07/01

so i spent like 3 hours at 4am this morning and finally changed my theme, check it out~

also this is belated and some of u might’ve noticed it already, but i also made a new about me/links page, a fave characters page, and a fave ships page awhile ago. took me a few months to complete them all. nOW GO LOOK AT ALL OF THEM AND PRAISE ME FOR MY ~SUGOI~ CODING SKILLS. lol jk but no rly go look at them n tell me if anything looks weird? ;o; they’re also missing my obvsly very new fandom kyoukai no kanata ((hiroaki pls stop ruining my life)) but other than that, ya. i hope they look alright? >.<;;

alright that’s all peace out here have some shirtless heichou kbye! :D

Anonymous: i love your reaction pics! if you ever get the time, could you please make a masterpost for it?

aww thanks anon! how do i make a masterpost of my replies tho lol, do you want me to just post all the reaction pictures up? xD

Anonymous: if we paid you extra, would there be any way you'd order a doujin someone requested/wanted?

i used to do a doujinshi-ordering service on toranoana and k-books before actually, so sure! message me off-anon and let’s talk about it :)

kurobariinks: May I have your permission to translate this doujin post/64827459537/by-translated-by-rivaerez and other Hiroaki dous (if you would trans) into Vietnamese? Thank you!

of course - just make sure you credit + link back to the original post! i do plan to translate more hiroaki comics bcuz they’re terrible and i am totally, utterly in love with them a;fja;lfja //fml ಥ_ಥ

leinacavallone: Nee, that story with highschool Eren and gangster-like Levi is so cool and funny! There's a continuation..right?? Dx

yesss it is part of a doujinshi that’s going to be released and i AM planning to buy it ehehe (❂‿❂) (well if it’s not sold out by then orz)